We join both museums through the joint ball.
Its main elements:
- The flat cover, consisting in two layers, each one following each cover attached to each of the museums.
- The lightening defined by the different level of the two layers, directed in its path by the plant inner ramp communication.
- The significant entry porch, its vertical planes organize the attached outer space bar, fitting inside the layout of the ramp and accompanies the access road to the interior. The large glazed surface with its doors illuminates the interior.
- The internal ramp, which connects the access level to the levels of each of the museums, determines its lobby space with store and warehouse under it.
The materials - concrete, ceramic, glass and wood - are similar to those used in existing buildings, although with a somewhat different treatment.
I think I have achieved an inclusive, harmonious, organic and simple solution.


ANTENNA 20151117

The solution consists of a hollow square section mast, ranging from 40 x 40 cm. in connection with the foundation at 20 x 20 cm. in connection with the antenna, with a height of 15.00 m.
A satellite at 2.50 m soil contains the equipment boxes.
One side of the mast remains vertical, to connect other items such as sign posts, shelters, etc.

The mast and the satellite will be "hot galvanized steel" and antennae are covered with a cover of "polycarbonate".



A cylindrical body, developed in spiral shape, is incorporated into the environment as a green urban landmark reference.
Four interrelated subsystems conform the building:
  1. The traffic and citizen relationship at street level, with its square, commercial porches and access to housing.
  2. The circulation and social relationship of neighbors, with vertical access from the street (stairs and elevators), communicating with the interior courtyard and the two ramps, gardens on the sides (one indoor and one outdoor), culminating in the green terrace. Instead of expanding the neighbors.
  3. The two-storey underground garage with a parking space, at least one per housing (136).
  4. The residential units (132), arranged so that the housing program can be one (58 m2), two (72 m2), three (86 m2) or four bedrooms (100 m2).
The inner courtyard and ramp build up a space that can be used as a meeting place (address issues of community or parties).
Outer ramp besides being a circulation space is a place of encounter and relationship between neighbors.
The apartments have entrance, kitchen, living room and a small outdoor area connected to the outer ramp and expanded with the corresponding bedrooms and bathrooms.
Cross ventilation, each and every one of the houses, are guaranteed by having two opposing vertical walls and ventilation conducts.
The entrance and exit of the garage through ramps are available along the dividing of the adjoining property by attaching a vertical green wall.
The roof cover allows installation of devices for the use of solar and wind energy.
Cellular and tubular structure of laminated timber (KLH type) floors of housing are developed on the basis of a reinforced concrete structure of the basement and ground floor. The relationship ramps and act as structural stiffeners.
Wooden constructions are energy efficient in two respects: First because wood is a natural and renewable resource. Second, wood has natural insulating qualities. So these qualities save energy in heating and cooling the building.
There are advantages of laminated wood:
- A sustainable material from an ecological point of view.
- It has a positive ecological balance.
- Getting healthy and pleasant indoor environments.
- Solid wood construction is stable.
- It is compatible with reinforced concrete, glass and other materials.
- It has excellent static properties.
- Prefabricated elements with high accuracy measurements are obtained.
- Easy assembly.
- Reduced construction time.
- Dry construction.
- Quick availability of buildings for habitation.


COFFE TABLE 20150526

Porch lattice plane pieces of wood (plywood) 5 mm thick with a glass cover 10 mm.
Dimensions: Glass: 114.5 / 114.5 / 1.0 cm Support: 94.5 / 94.5 / 45.0 cm Total: 114.5 / 114.5 / 46.0 cm

Materials: Birch Plywood and Glass



A table riding waves
Dimensions: 160.0 / 45.0 / 75.0 cm

Materials: Solid Oak and Walnut



Seen from above I'm like a four-leaf clover, profile I'm like the porches of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Dimensions: 120.0 / 120.0 / 45.0 cm

Materials: Solid Oak