Lasita Maja HOUSES

Using the traditional Lasita Maja Cabin construction method, weekend houses are designed so that they can grow as the family grows.


THE CITY ABOVE THE CITY - St, Helen's Aviva Tower. London


Workstation 20160727


Pavilion 20160414_04

When designing the pavilion I plan to use the minimum essential elements to define a space without a specific use, build and disassemble quickly.

Three main elements: the modular wooden floor, wooden arches that support the fabric enclosure and enclosure.

The fabric may have different designs and colors to suit the environment.

The base or foundation can be packed dirt, cinder, etc. when we place on the ground or on a wooden raft when we place ourselves in the water. 


PAVILION 160414_01

A “Pavilion” is a space defined specifically for a non-specific purpose. This is a Pavilion for a nap and read in any location you choose. This can be within your home, backyard, on a tree, by a tree, on top of a hill, at the foot of a hill, by a river, or floating on a river. Prefabricated. Disassembled and reconstructed. Use wood as the main material.